libuvcc  0.41a
simple uvc implementation for os x
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uvccCam Struct Reference

#include <libuvcc-defs.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t idLocation
struct uvccModelIDmID
usbDevIf ** devIf
struct uvccDevDesc devDesc
usbIfIf ** ctrlIf
uint8_t ifNo
uint8_t ctIndex
uint8_t puIndex
uint8_t nEUs
uint8_t * euIndicies
uint8_t ** euGUIDs
uint8_t * nEUReqs
uint16_t ** euWValues
CFStringRef regName
uint32_t portInfo
uint32_t ctSupportMap
uint32_t puSupportMap

Detailed Description

uvccCam, the guts!

Field Documentation

uint8_t* euIndicies

EU indicies of cam

uint16_t** euWValues

EU request wValues

uint8_t* nEUReqs

# requests supported by EU with the same offset in euIndicies

uint8_t nEUs

# extension units cam has, see UVC spec section, p.101-102 (114-115)

CFStringRef regName

os x registry name of cam, can be cast straight to NSString*

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