libuvcc  0.41a
simple uvc implementation for os x
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Non-standard helpers


int uvccMSLifeCamExposureTimeSpan (uint32_t min, uint32_t max, uint32_t **list)
int uvccExposureTimeToMsLifeCamValue (uint32_t value, uint32_t *msList, int listLength)

Detailed Description

Helper functions to handle cams that don't quite follow the UVC standard.

Function Documentation

int uvccExposureTimeToMsLifeCamValue ( uint32_t  value,
uint32_t *  msList,
int  listLength 

Convert exposure time value reported by (UVC_GET_CUR) Microsoft LifeCam to corresponding index in array created by uvccMSLifeCamExposureTimeSpan().

valuevalue from cam
msListarray from uvccMSLifeCamExposureTimeSpan()
listLengthlength of list
index in list that holds the value or closest match
int uvccMSLifeCamExposureTimeSpan ( uint32_t  min,
uint32_t  max,
uint32_t **  list 

Produces exposure time values in increasing order that can be used with Microsoft LifeCams. The array have to be freed by the caller.

minmin value from cam
maxmax value from cam
listbuffer to hold the array
length of array or < 0 on error